Cost Transparency

Our rates

We are always available to discuss with our clients which fee arrangement would better suit their requirements.

Finding an agreement with the client is usually an easy task for us thanks to the accurateness of our initial estimates in terms of scoping the project and planning the activities. In several cases, we are able to “stop the clock” and offer fixed, capped, or conditional fees.

We have committed to publish our hourly rates for the current year as a way of guaranteeing fairness, predictability and transparency in billing.

Position Hourly Rate
Partner, Counsel EUR 400-500
Lawyer EUR 200-300
Trainee EUR 100-150


Billing standards

Unless otherwise agreed:

  • Invoices are submitted on a monthly basis.
  • Our timesheets are enclosed to the invoice.
  • Only actual out-of-pocket expenses are charged.
  • We do not charge for the customary assistance requested by the client’s auditors.
  • We are skilled and experienced in the use of clients’ e-billing platforms such as Legal Tracker or Tungsten.


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